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horse riding

We prepare adult horses.Do not hesitate to contact us for the first time.

Paddy Field is located in a perfect location surrounded by "Fuji Five Lakes", "Jukai" and "South Alps" in the distance.

If Ukere lessons in Babauchi also the first one, you can quickly go out riding course of Mt Fuji Rei.

We are preparing a course that allows you to enjoy lessons tailored to your level at Baba Inner Ride and with nature at the foot of Fuji with a horse.

We can also combine course freely, so please feel free to contact us when making your reservation.
  • Baba boarding

    Even those who are totally new to the blank and are a bit uneasy can receive lessons from the support of excellent staff so that they can ride horses without worry.
    • You can have lessons and experiences in Baba.

      A horse riding on the horse pulled by the staff and walking along the fence of Baba,

      You can experience ride / get down · advance forward · stop · turn · turn speed adjustment etc

      Experience horse riding, Arena riding, Basic school,

      Such as a horse riding license acquisition course issued from the Nationwide riding Club assiciation,

      We offer course tailored to those who want to enjoy horseback riding.
  • Exponential

    Even if you are a first time student, you can take a walk outside if you take lessons.Always experience experienced people riding in Baba, try experiencing an outdoor ride at the foot of the mountain full of openness.
    • External course

      Mt Fuji in the background, take a walk through the up-and-down course in farm roads and Jukai.

      Mt Fuji seen from Magami on a clear day is exceptional.

      Enjoy beautiful scenery and regional flowers, along with the refreshing fragrance of the plateau.

      We do not take walks, but experienced people can choose a long time outside.
  • Facility information

    • ◇About Baba

      【Outdoor Baba】
      There is an outdoor field with an area of ​​40 m × 60 m.
      For beginners, we tell you the pleasures of horseback riding with attentive lessons, and we provide guidance to advanced users for step-up.

      【Maru Baba】
      You can enjoy horseback riding in the rain in a covered roundabout.

      【Indoor Baba】
      There is an indoor Baba with an area of ​​20 m × 30 m.
      Mainly training the horse, we are taking lessons for free time.
    • ◇About front desk

      There is a front desk building at the back of the parking lot.

      There are sofas and tables so you can use it as a waiting room for your guests.

      Summer is prepared for cold flavor water to prevent heat stroke.
      Other drinks can be purchased from vending machines in the premises.

      There is also a restroom in this building.

      We also sell harness and western hat etc.
      Since there is a catalog, please ask in case of hope.
    • ◇About Member Locker, Magokoro

      For our members we have lockers available for individual use.

      Bami-ban You can see the state of Baba while sitting in Pineapple House.
      Information on competition notices, photos of events, etc. are also substantial.