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Member's Guide

Call and Response

  • Paddy Field membership system

    Paddy Field values ​​"dialogue" with horses.

    From the first person to the participation of the competition, you can master Western riding with a consistent home placement.

    Improve technology as well as communication skills with horses.

    Those interested in competitions and events, those who want to continue riding as a hobby, those who want to raise technology ...
    We respond to various needs.

    When you become a member, there are lots of benefits, such as discounts on mountain fees, purchase of affordable tickets, participation rights for events!

    Please become a member of the Paddy member.
  • Fee and type of members

    ◆Regular members, recommended for those who want to riding in earnest!

    The characteristic of this club is that you can enjoy leisurely getting on board and riding in Baba,
    You can also acquire ranging which is the event of western horsemanship.
    For those who want to have their own horses, I also do training.

    ★Horse riding fee is 50% off visitor fee, room charge is 20% off
    ★Members' Week (one week from the second Saturday of every month) is 75% OFF
    ★For those over the age of 50, you can earn even more!
    During weekdays AM 9: 00 to AM 11: 00, the boarding fee is 75% off visitor fee
    ※Other times are the same as normal regular members.Saturday, Sunday, Holidays Day The regular season for the regular season is regular regular membership fee.
    ★Regular guests' accompanying guests (guests) 10% off the tournament charge

    ◆Family members, regular members' families are eligible.

    ◆Junior members, those under the age of 18 are eligible.
  • 【Special Advantages】

    ★8 saddle tickets 20,000 yen(Valid for 2 months), 50 saddle tickets 100,000 yen(Effective for 1 year)Issuing
    ★Participation in the entrustment of his own horse (please inquire details of fee), various competitions, parties, events etc.
    ★10% discount on horse riding supplies, Western wear, goods on sale in Paddy Field
    ★Fukuoka Prefecture·Hokkaido:Canadian camp riding horse riding club 15% off
    ★Yamanashi Prefecture·20% OFF for SUNNY FIELD IN AKENO