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  2. Cautions


  •                             Horseback riding is sometimes a sport with the risk of serious injuries and accidents.
                                Please read the notes so that everyone who participates can enjoy it.

          Horses are herbivores and are sensitive to their crisis. Changes in the environment or the actions of the rider may cause unexpected behavior or sudden movements.

          Training and management for safety are conducted daily, but the risk is not zero. If you act on the ideas of each individual, others may be harmed.

          Please make sure that each person understands correctly and can follow the instructions.

                ◆If you are in poor health, please offer. Also, if there is a problem with your body while riding or if you feel any danger, please tell the staff.

                ◆Be sure to wear a helmet.
                 Riding helmet rental ¥ 324, Boots rental \ 324

                ◆Please do not make a loud voice, touch the horse carelessly, or run in the facility. Also, please do not let go of the reins while riding.
                 Do not operate the camera except in locations where you can shoot.

                ◆If you have horse riding experience, follow the instructor's instructions to ensure your club's safety.
                 If you take a prohibited action, we will change the course content or cancel it.

                ◆If you have a small child, your guardian will accompany you and do not suddenly touch or approach too much.

                ◆If you are bringing a pet, wear a reed or put it in a cage.
                 If you want to do something surprising, such as barking, menacing, etc., please go inside the car.

                              If you are not in good health or have a disease, do you have any?
                              Do you wear long pants and sneakers (shoes that can not be removed easily)?
                              Can all the experienced people read the instructions and act without danger?

                         Thank you for reading to the end. We agree to the above and ask for compliance.
                                     Let's have a fun time with safe riding.