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Information on Baba Inner Vehicle

Feel free from the first person

  • 《 Horseback 》

    Even small children can experience a lap in Baba across the horse's back.
    Infants can ride with parents.
    Target age: 3 years old ~

    Hikima (1 lap of Baba):About 5 minutes) 1,500 yen / Parent-child pulling horse 2,000 yen excluding tax
  • 《 Experience horse riding 》

    For those who would like to experience riding a bit.
    We will lecture basic horse control such as ride · advance forward · stop · descend.
    Target age: Understand instructor's instructions (right and left understood) 5 years old ~

    Experience horseback riding (10 minutes) 3,000 yen excluding tax
  • 《 Baba lesson lesson 》

    Even those who are new to you, we will instruct carefully from basic control.
    Let's take a lesson so that the horse will move as expected.
    In addition, lessons tailored to the level are also possible for experienced people.

    ★Arena riding 1 saddle (30 minutes) 8,000 yen excluding tax

    Want to further improve horse riding skills, I want to improve even more! Recommended for those who think!
    The purpose is a sense of unity with the horse, 2 saddle ride a lot.

    ★Basic school 2 saddle (60 minutes) 15,500 yen excluding tax

    ※If you are using one person, we will start from 2 saddles.
     An additional tutoring fee of 2,000 yen / 30 minutes (excluding tax) will be charged.
    ※The style is Western.
  • 《 5th grade license acquisition course 》

    It is a course of obtaining licenses issued by the Nationwide riding Club assiciation.
    A license will be issued to those who passed the practical skills tests.
    It is also possible to aim for the upper class by step.

    ·Video lecture 1 time
    ·12 riding(× 20 minutes)
    ·One seminar lecture
    ·Test fee

    70,000 yen excluding tax

    Application fee 10,000 yen/Text 800 yen excluding tax

    ※Please make a reservation one week in advance because it is necessary to apply.
    ※This course accepts reservations from 2 or more people.
    ※It is not held during Golden Week and Obon holidays.
  • 《 Pony Rider 5 Grade course 》

    Nationwide riding Club assiciation is the Pony Rider 5 Grade Acquisition course certified by the Nationwide riding Club assiciation?

    = Purpose =

    Children enjoy going horse riding richly while touching horses with a goal, aim to improve physical and mental and understanding of horses' charm · horses.

    = Target =

    Students and children under junior high school students

    = Time required =

    Riding for 30 minutes within 60 minutes

    = Review item =

    ★Can touch the horse ★Can give carrots ★Can be brushed
    ★ Can handle the hoof,★ You can arrange and clean up tools
    ★ I can clean the stairs,★ You can see the place and how to use the tool
    ★ Can sweep out,★ I can horses
    ★ Namiashi stay on for a fixed time with Namiashi

    16,000 yen (excluding tax) including examination fee A certified badge will be given to successful applicants

    Application fee 3,000 yen(Tax excluded)

    ※Please make a reservation one week in advance because it is necessary to apply.
  • ~Please check before booking~

    For safety, be sure to wear horse riding helmet at this horse riding club.Horse riding helmets are available for hire.Rental fee 300 yen(Tax excluded)

    Cancellation policy: 50% within 1 week, 100% the day before the day will be taken.

    Although we do horse riding even in some bad weather, cancel cancellation due to reasons of bad weather, if you can contact us in advance on that day, we will not receive a cancellation fee.

    In case of heavy rain / strong wind, we may stop.In that case, we will contact you from the morning of the day.