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Information on outside sightseeing

Nature with horses ...

  • 《 Lesson + outside course 》

    It is the most popular course!
    A 30-minute lesson and a convenient external set with external power added.

    If even here of course for beginners, you can look forward with confidence to the power outside of Foot of Mt Fuji
    Of course, you can also take lessons according to the level for intermediate and advanced users,
    If you want to enjoy both riding and riding outside, please!   Target age:10 years old ~

    ★Country set (30 minutes for lessons in the horse field + 30 minutes for outside riding) 16,000 yen excluding tax

    We will carefully take lessons from horses to horses to moving.
    Mt Fuji is a course you can walk on the farm road by a 30-minute ride on the back of Mt Fuji.

    ★Happy set (30 minutes in the horse field + 45 minutes on the outside) 20,000 yen excluding tax

    Even the first person, lecture on basic getting on and off and moving.
    After that, we can go through the farm road and enjoy a slightly longer outside forest.

    ※If you use it by one person, you will be charged an additional 2,000 yen / 30 minutes (excluding tax) as an individual guidance fee and guide fee.
  • 《 External course 》

    It is a course that takes advantage of Paddy Field's perfect location, relaxingly surrounding the nature.
    As soon as I get on, I will go outside.For beginners (~ 30 saddles) please book set course.

    ★Promenade course (30 minutes) 8,000 yen excluding tax

    Mt Fuji is a course you can enjoy the farm road and the forest in the background of Mt Fuji.
    Please enjoy with the refreshing scent of the plateau such as moon-viewing grass and Mt Fuji distinctive Fuji Cherry Blossom from Magami.
    If you are a beginner, please choose the country set that was set with Baba lesson.

    ★Forest course (45 minutes) 12,000 yen excluding tax

    Mt Fuji walk through the deep forest while watching Mt Fuji. Forest bath effect is outstanding.

    ※If you use it by one person, a guide fee of 2,000 yen / 30 minutes (excluding tax) will be charged separately.
  • 《 Special course 》

    ★Trail course (60 minutes) 16,000 yen excluding tax

    ★Long drive course (120 minutes) 32,000 yen excluding tax

    Namiashi is a course that goes around the foot of Mt Fuji by Namiashi and fast walk (Hayashi).
    If you are a beginner you can take a 30 minute lesson at Baba and this course is also available.

    ※If you use it by one person, a guide fee of 2,000 yen / 30 minutes (excluding tax) will be charged separately.
  • ~Please check before booking~

    In principle two or more reservations for outside sight are accepted.
    You can also use it by yourself if you can arrange the time with other customers.

    For safety, be sure to wear horse riding helmet at this horse riding club.Horse riding helmets are available for hire.Rental fee 300 yen(Tax excluded)

    Cancellation policy: 50% within 1 week, 100% the day before the day will be taken.

    Although we do horse riding even in some bad weather, cancel cancellation due to reasons of bad weather, if you can contact us in advance on that day, we will not receive a cancellation fee.

    In case of heavy rain / strong wind, we may stop.In that case, we will contact you from the morning of the day.